Since 2008

Maximizing your child's potential

Caribbean Center for Child Development is an internationally recognized center that has been created to facilitate the journey for children, adolescents and adults who struggle.

Our mission and our strength lie in helping children with Autism and other developmental delays and/or social and emotional challenges. From Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and learning disabilities to more severe challenges, such as Autism, Mental Retardation, Selective Mutism, and language delays.

The Brain Based Lab are evidence-based interventions proven to remediate and significantly improve neurological deficits that impact academic and daily performance.

We provide an array of psychological services that include cognitive behavioral therapy for all ages, martial therapy, family therapy and psychopharmalogical interventions.

Children treated at the Caribbean Center for Child Development can be seen by a variety of health care professionals working together in one or more of the center's clinical disciplines. These highly trained professionals work to provide coordinated, interdisciplinary care tailored to the special needs of each child. This interdisciplinary approach puts the Caribbean Center for Child Development at the forefront in providing patient care for individuals with multiple developmental disabilities.


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